Hello Everyone


Well it is definitely time for an update on my work, projects and games. Last up was in early 2013!


Two wonderful new projects are coming.


November 2014 sees the shooting of the Austrian film “Attack of the Lederhosen Zombies”, a feature length film by the young Austrian director Dominik Hartl. This will be the third film of Dominik’s I have worked on and I am excited to be doing the movement. We intend to rock the zombie world.


As of March I will begin working with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra offering a physical training for the musicians. Training musicians is a passion of mine and deeply satisfying. It is an honor to be able to contribute to the creation of so much wonderful music.


The wonderful Vienna Symphonic Orchestra musicians continue to train seriously each week. The exciting performances they produce are surely supported by how seriously they commit to working on their bodies. I would love to create a movement/sound piece for this orchestra.They would be terrific!



My Body Connections Stretch/Strength/Balance class in Lehargasse 3a, has been moved to Thursday at 16:30. This group is diverse on every level: age, physicality, experience and expectations. What they all share is a desire to be healthy and well.

The class is open and you can drop in at any point throughout the year. Just contact me before so I can meet you at the street door the first time to take you to the studio.


Also in Lehargasse 3a is the Saturday 15:30 to 17:00 Contemporary / Release technique dance class.

Who comes? Singers, actors, secretaries, athletes, business administrators, musicians, doctors and lawyers. Did I miss anyone :-)? How old do you need to be? 17 to 70 would work very well.

Again you can drop in anytime ---- just let me know you plan to be there.


My workshops in Trieste and Palermo continue to produce amazing results in imaginative and creative movement and acting work. I come away stimulated and thrilled at the courage and commitment of the participants.

Next Trieste Body Connections: April 4/5/6

Next Palermo Body Connections: May 9/10/11

For more information please contact me at : grantmcdaniel@vienna.at

Or 0043 699 10 27 21 56


Interested in an intensive movement/theatre experience? I am planning a 4 day course in Sicily in September 2014. Living and working together in an Agricola Turismo in the peaceful country side of Sicily, we spend 4/5 hours each morning doing body work, dance and theatre. The afternoon and evening are dedicated to sun, sea and the famous cucina Siciliana.

As details are confirmed I will post them here. This experience will be limited to 30 people. The course will be taught in English and Italian.             Would love to see you there.

In 2013 I was back in New York for the first time in over 20 years to give a Body Connections workshop in Manhattan. What a thrilling and satisfying experience it proved to be. This city just gets better and better. Thank you New York.

PERSONAL TRAINER ---- focused, personalized training program to maximize your progress and development. 60 minutes

For more information call : 0043 699 10 27 21 56