Body & Mind

Back Health

Simple easy exercises to increase the strength and flexibility of the back. At the same time we focus on correcting and developing the muscles to support a good posture and an attractive walk. Grant McDaniel has been teaching Back Health for the last 10 years using his training as dancer as the basis for the work. Alternative systems such as Feldenkrais, Alexander and Mind Body Balancing are brought into play as well. Sound too serious? We get to laugh while we work. It makes the learning fun and easier.


Placement is the absolute foundation of any dancer’s technique and the physical structure that can improve the quality of life for all of us. It is the way we stand, walk and perceive ourselves in space and in relationship to the ground we walk on. Using 11 points in and on the body from the first lesson I give the student a system that they can work with to better understand their own posture and how they can bring their bones into alignment reducing stress on the muscles and immediately improving the way they look and feel.

Touch and Learn

Massage and Partnering Work are combined to help the student find a greater self awareness and an improved body/mind balance. The work involves learning how to touch the body and how to enjoy being touched.

Various ways to work with the body:

  • Pressure into the muscles;
  • Manipulation of arms, legs, hands and feet;
  • Rocking the body ( working in two or three persons)
  • Giving and receiving weight
  • Learning how to walk
  • Learning how to carry the body weight

It goes without saying that this is a non-sexually intrusive work. If anything it actually teaches physical sharing without involvement of the sexual. The student comes out of the work feeling energized and released.