The Spiral(e) Fulltime Program
( Monday - Saturday 9:00 to 18)

Spiral(E) is a four year full time Contemporary Dance/Theatre education in Vienna, Austria. Since it's beginning in 1997 the program has served and benefited the Austrian dance scene as well as attracting dance students from throughout Europe, South America and Asia. The focus of the education is the preparation of beginner and intermediate dance students for a career on stage as professional contemporary dance/theatre performers. As well as working with guest teachers and choreographers the students produce their own work each year which is presented in one of the numerous performing venues for the education.

The Spiral(e) Afternoon Program
(Mon. - Sat. 14:00 to 17:00)

The Afternoon Program offers a unique opportunity for the student who wishes to do a serious pre professional training on a daily basis. The 12 classes per week represent a reduced version of the full time study, with the same line of training and attention given to the student by the teachers. The teachers are the same for both programs. A number of classes are shared with the students from the full time program.

- weekly

five 90 min. classes: the basic approach is Limon and release technique

classical ballet
five 90 min. classes: intended to build strength and an understanding of the dance vocabulary

two 60 min. classes: to establish a clear and balanced weight placement, uniform port de bras, and an anatomically correct use of the turnout

in blocks of 3 days: a work of spontaneous creativity, musicality, communication skills and space awareness


choreographic laboratory
choreographic research in blocks of six weeks

two 90 min. classes per week for 2nd/3rdyear students
one 90 min. class per week for 1styear students

student choreographic projects
open to 2nd/3rd year students

one group and one private class per week (all three levels)

qi gong
one 60 min. class